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I will never get enough of seeing Sasuke and Sakura riding on a horse together.

I don’t care if it’s just an AU. It’s cute, they look like a legit couple, etc.

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My goal is to have this post to 999 notes to show Sakura haters that Sakura does have fans and we are tired of sakura haters calling Sakura a slut, whore, and drawing sakura getting killed

And also

I want this post to help Sakura fans to find a Sakura blog to follow

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Okay but Sakura got some nice leg game going on


Okay but Sakura got some nice leg game going on





Anonymous asked:
I would like to know your opinion about this: "sasusaku lacks something really important that NS and SK do have: Things they’ve done for each other. Important things, like being a better person for each other, you know, saving each other lives, awakening powers for each other and things like that. Sasusaku has nothing. Nothing on that". Thanks for your time.


Things they’ve done for each other and being a better person:

Sakura supported Sasuke at the very beginning of the story when he got his CS. She held his hand and took care of him when he was K’O’ed. She sat by his bedside when he was in a coma, one reason she got stronger was because she wanted to get him back home.

Sasuke noticed when Sakura was upset and cheered her up before the chunin exams when no one else noticed she was upset. Sasuke protected Sakura multiple times in both parts of the manga, and when he got to the battlefield in part II he immediately had Sakura’s back. Sasuke taught Sakura about loneliness and made he think about being a kinder person to Naruto way back in chapter 3. Initially, she was a better person to Naruto because of Sasuke’s words.

I really don’t see all that Naruto ‘has done’ for Sakura. People always point to promise of a lifetime, but Naruto would have wanted and strives to get Sasuke back regardless of Sakura’s wishes. He’s protected her in battle, but so has Sasuke. I guess one thing he has done for Sakura is step aside because of her feelings for Sasuke.

Sakura has saved Naruto’s life, but she’s saved Sasuke as well, as well as many fodder nin. She also wanted Sasuke back for her own reasons, because, y’know, she’s in love with him.

I fail to see how Karin has become a better person for Sasuke, or Sasuke has become a better person for Karin. IMO, Sasuke’s real personality was stifled and he seemed like a robot whenever he was around Taka, with the exception of the disgusted look on his face when Karin hugged him. And oh, he apologized to Karin for trying to kill her? When she went up to him and basically asked for an apology? Well, he’s thanked Sakura twice just for loving him and saving him.

Sakura never asked for or expected his gratitude.

Awakening powers: I know what this is referring to (probably with SK) and I find it laughable that SK is still using Sasuke thinking of Team 7 and awakening a new power as a SasuKarin moment. If they’re going to go with that route, then SasuSaku, SasuNaru, and SasuKaka have ‘awakening new power’ evidence, not SasuKarin. Also, extinguishing the flames of amaterasu is not ‘awakening a new power’ as well. It’s not the ‘new power’ referred to during that fight.

Sakura used her excellent chakra control and everything to save Sasuke and Sasuke alone last chapter. Sasuke has protected Sakura multiple times as well. This is not unique to particular ships; they are ninjas.

I don’t recall Sakura or Naruto ever awakening new powers for each other. image

I do remember Naruto going six tails when Hinata was hurt though.

Anonymous asked:
I have seen a lot of people who see Team Taka as Sasuke's true family, saying that they were there for him in his dead. How would you respond to that?


I’ve had this exact question before.

Long story short, Sasuke got so close to Team 7 that he had to sharply cutoff his bonds with them. He spent hours angsting over leaving them, and he still thought of them even after not being a team for years.

I can’t see Sasuke as close to Taka it makes no sense for him to form new, close bonds when his T7 bonds had gotten so strong that he had to cut them off.

followers, feel free to add anything if you want. :)

Taka aren’t even Sasuke’s friends let alone true family. They’re more like his ex subordinates. Let’s be real here Sasuke might care a little about their well being but not more than that. During Bee’s fight Sasuke had to flashback to Team 7  to save them, that pretty much says everything. Also the way he reacted to Suigetsu and Juugo arrival after Kabuto’s fight, the way he apologized to Karin and the way he interact with them during the war shows how little they bonded together. Taka themselves might care about Sasuke’s well being too but even their personal reasons to be with Sasuke and to care about him are far behind.   

Sasuke Ship Hierarchy (or who is the "boss" who "wears the pants")



Karin dominates Sasuke

Sasuke dominates Sakura

Ino, I have no idea.

Karin doesn’t dominate Sasuke. She attempts to, only to be shot down in ways that aren’t even nice.

Sasuke doesn’t dominate Sakura either. They have reasoned with each other on several occasions.


Anonymous asked:
sakura is white trash, she ain't from a cool clan like karin. c'mon sasuke desires power, karin can give it to him, sakura can only give him boring and tame sex whereas karin will go bondage on his ass. karin loves to suck dick, she will make sasuke feel good. lmao sakura couldnt get sasuke hard even if her life depended on it.




Oh I’m sorry. Care to explain to me which panel Sasuke got a boner in again? 


Come again? Sasuke definitely will ;)